FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions | John Air Pumps

  • How to use a wireless air pump


Step 1 Choose the Right Nozzle

   - John air pumps come with different nozzle attachments to fit various inflatable items (tyres, inflatable toys, sports equipment). Choose the appropriate nozzle for your item.


Step 2 Power On

   - Press and hold the power button on your wireless air pump. Make sure it is charged or plug it into a power source.


Step 3 Attach the Nozzle

   - Connect the selected nozzle securely to the air pump's outlet, if needed. Ensure a tight fit to prevent air leaks.


Step 4 Attach the Pump to the Inflatable Item

   - Attach the other end of the nozzle to the valve of the inflatable item. Make sure it is secure and locked to prevent air from escaping during inflation.


Step 5 Turn On the Pump

   - Press the power button to start inflation. Our air pumps have adjustable pressure settings; choose the appropriate setting for your type of application.


Step 6 Monitor the Inflation

   - Keep an eye on the inflation process and for any air leaks. It should build up pressure nice and steady


Step 7 Turn Off the Pump

   - Once the item is fully inflated, turn off the air pump by long pressing the power button


Step 8 Remove the Nozzle

   - Disconnect the nozzle from the inflatable item. Let it cool down and then disconnect it from the air pump


- Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific air pump.

- Do not overinflate items, as it may damage them.

- Check the recommended pressure for your inflatable items before inflating.


Remember that different wireless air pumps may have specific features or variations in their operation, so it's essential to refer to the user manual that came with your particular pump for detailed instructions.

  • How does an air pump work

An air pump works by drawing in air from the surrounding environment and then compressing and delivering it to another location. Battery-operated air pumps use an electric motor to drive the pumping mechanism. These pumps are portable and convenient for inflating items like vehicle tyres, balls, air mattresses, inflatable pools, or sports equipment.

Piston pumps, also known as reciprocating pumps, use a piston inside a cylinder to create a pumping action. As the piston moves back and forth, it draws in air on one stroke and compresses it on the other, forcing the compressed air through an outlet. Piston pumps can provide a more continuous flow compared to diaphragm pumps.


  • Applications for the wireless air pump

- Car tyres

- Motorbike tyres

- Bicycle Tyres

- Football, basketball etc. balls

- Swimming gear

- Boilers

- Fish tanks *

- Paddle boards *

- Inflatable boats *

*Not all of our air pumps will fit, please read the description before purchasing

  • How do I place an order on your website?

Browse the Website

Start by navigating to the Shopify website of the store where you want to make a purchase. Browse through the product(s) and find the item(s) you wish to buy.

Product Selection

Click on the product you're interested in to view more details. Choose the specific variant, such as size or color, if applicable.

Buy it Now or Add to Cart

Once you've selected the product and its variant, click the “Buy it Now” or "Add to Cart" button. You will usually see a notification or a small cart icon that indicates the item has been added to your cart.

Review Your Cart

You can either proceed to checkout immediately or continue shopping and review your cart later. To review your cart, look for the shopping cart icon in the top right or the "View Cart" button. In the cart, you can see the items you've added, update quantities, or remove items.

Proceed to Checkout

When you're ready to complete your purchase, click the "Checkout" button

Provide Shipping Information

Enter your shipping address details. Our website will allow you to log in if you have an account, making this process faster.

Choose Shipping Method

Select your preferred shipping method. Some options are economy, standard, express or next day delivery

Payment Information

Enter your payment information. Our website supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other payment gateways.

Review Order

Before finalising the purchase, review your order to ensure that the items, quantities, and shipping details are correct

Place Order

Once you're satisfied with your order details, click the "Pay now" to complete the transaction.



After successfully placing your order, you should receive an order confirmation on the website. Additionally, our store will typically send you a confirmation email with the details of your purchase and a confirmation number.

  • What payment methods are accepted for purchases?

ShopPay, PayPal, Google Pay or Credit/Debit card

  • How can I track the status of my order?

You will receive updates on your preferred method of communication about the status of your order

  • What is your return policy?

More details about our return policy can be found here

  • Do you offer international shipping?

International shipping is not available yet

  • Can I modify or cancel my order after it's been placed?

Unfortunately, once your order is placed you can’t modify it but you can contact us

  • Are there any additional charges for shipping?

There might be additional charges for shipping depending on the service
The economy shipping is free

  • How can I contact customer support if I have a question or issue?

Try our chatbot at the bottom right of your screen If you need to speak to a real person, fill in the form or email at mos_performance@mail.co.uk

  • Can I return a product if it doesn't meet my expectations?

You have 30 days of free trial to test our product and return it in case it does not meet your expectations

  • What do I do if the item I want is out of stock?

If the item is not discontinued you will have the option to pre-order it. If you can’t find this option please contact us

  • Can I order products as a guest, or do I need to create an account?

At checkout you have the option to create an account (recommended) or checkout as a guest

  • What is the estimated delivery time for standard and express shipping options?

Economy 5 to 6 business days

Standard 4 to 5 business days

Express 3 to 4 business days

  • How can I return a defective or damaged product?

Please contact us before you return any product by sending us a video of the issue you are experiencing together with your order id

  • Do you offer a warranty on your products?

All our products come with a 1 year warranty

  • What types of products are not eligible for return?

All our products are eligible for return as long as you return them in the same condition you received them, including all the accessories

  • How can I check the availability of a particular product before placing an order?

All our products are available unless stated otherwise. Some of our products are available for preorder only and you won't be able to ‘’Buy it now’’. Although a ‘’Pre-order’’ button will be displayed

  • Are there any restrictions on using multiple discount codes for a single order?

You can only use one discount code at a time

  • Can I change the shipping address after my order has been confirmed?

If your order hasn’t been shipped you can contact us to change it for you